final days …

Note; this is a backdated Zlog; So it had been a while since i posted, and then suddenly one morning,..well i won’t ruin the surprise, that’s for the next post. (However, if pictures of that surprise is what you are really looking for, feel free to skip this Zlog.. i won’t mind)

ZLOG entry number fourish; the final conclusion of Before Sally. or B.S as i will refer to this period moving forward. herin will lie what exactly was going on in the few days leading up to A.S.

Went to the lake:)


ok, there were a few other things, nobody cares though. on to sally.









Been great and sunny lately, and, so therefore BEACH.


The takeaway [link], piece about existentialism especially awesome. I have no idea what it is still, but I should investigate further…. for the record. Journalism WIN.


Somebody please slap together some CGI of New York doing this in HD.


OH yeah the BEACH!