Zlog whateverday

Been a few days, sitting around chillin with the Sallymeister. she’s generally calm and relaxed, unless she isn’t of course, but we manage to hang out pretty good. this is the happy face.





Sleepy pics


is that a delivery?



What i listen to while changing diapers and washing dishes. (sooo much better than driving around all day…)

what the dali llama up to anyway?


and the machines?




the gist (just go listen to them all, its 20 min per day, will keep you informed

this guy has some good ideas, but no sense of humor, wonder how he missed that…. worth a listen anyway.



good ‘cast, these guests were funny i think i will check out their ‘cast also







final days …

Note; this is a backdated Zlog; So it had been a while since i posted, and then suddenly one morning,..well i won’t ruin the surprise, that’s for the next post. (However, if pictures of that surprise is what you are really looking for, feel free to skip this Zlog.. i won’t mind)

ZLOG entry number fourish; the final conclusion of Before Sally. or B.S as i will refer to this period moving forward. herin will lie what exactly was going on in the few days leading up to A.S.

Went to the lake:)


ok, there were a few other things, nobody cares though. on to sally.