the elusive Grandmarg and Auntiosla.

Sorry Ma, had to do it.


HEY open your eyes! and you in the back! unplug your ears!..?


The GrandMarg, and Morris, the GrandCustomer.
Hrm, wonder what all that stuff is…
Thanks Anna!
yeah thats right.
Vanessa, TKOB.
its… its… cool..ish? i think. maybe? or maybe the standard vista-bench would have been just fine.
Home of the goonies. oddly, I’ve never taken the goonie tour.


Just. couldn’t. not.
Hey.. what you talkin’ to me?
nice pic.

chillaxing, 1 minute at a time

Thats the sally M.O. Here we are with another Ketchup edition. in Hines-sight, i should have just posted these right away.



Sally 3 ½ weeks
Sally 3 ½ weeks
Sally 3 ½ weeks
Here we are at sillyface fountain
Sally 3 ½ weeks
Sally 3 ½ weeks
Its all in the eyebrows really.
Sally 3 ½ weeks
i got a polka dot nose and i don’t care.
Sally 3 ½ weeks
ok a normal one.
Sally 3 ½ weeks
silly sally and fam.
Sally 3 ½ weeks
laughing with me, i’m sure..
Sally 3 ½ weeks
3.5 week feet.
Sally 3 ½ weeks
is that sign language! who took this picture anyway?

Sally 3 ½ weeks

crying, but kinda looks like a smile.



Sally 3 ½ weeks
Sally 3 ½ weeks
i think the only happy baby pic of the day..
Sally 3 ½ weeks
oh pretty happy looking in this one too
Sally 3 ½ weeks
everybody likes their cheeks pinched.
Sally 3 ½ weeks
Actually i think you should come up with a caption for this one.

Sally Squirrel, Sallymander, SallyMcNally, etc.


so blogging is like homework, here are all my late papers, no, i don’t have todays assignment, whatever, i’m too cool for this anyway..

Oh and to the jerk who stole my bike. Whoever you are, I hope it continues to provide you with as many bloody lacerations, flat tires, and sudden-rapid-unscheduled-drive-train-disassemblies  as it ever did for me.

you will be missed Rocky… (moment of silence) (no i never did name the damn bike, until just now)


ok here’s some photos, a little outdated, but hey the internet is forever.