So 17 days old, sounds ancient. where does the time go? they grow up so fast don’t they?

Anywho, this one mostly sleeps, or looks at you with some faint puzzlement, then rotates back to being cranky and disagreeable. Not to worry, I’m told all babies act this way. Needless to say, most of these pictures will reflect the above states of being, minus the cranky and disagreeable, because we all know that kind of negativity is not welcome on social media.


Nice sleeper, once asleep that is.
Great Grampy and Sally hangin’ out.
Spoooooky Baby



Nothing like 7 lbs of cute to make sitting around the house blog-worthy.

until next time.. and yes, this next next time will be a sooner next time than the current next time was, I know, i know, every 17 days is toooo slow, especially when i keep complaining about sitting around with nothing to do… sorry ma. also working on generating some video… stay tuned..





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